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 1800W Solar Power Generator<br>Free Shipping!!! 
 1800W Solar Power Generator
Free Shipping!!!

 1800W Solar Power Generator<br>Set of 2<br> Free Shipping!!! 
 1800W Solar Power Generator
Set of 2
Free Shipping!!!

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Result Pages:  1 

Emergency Solar Generators

Once the power goes off, how soon will it come back on? In the case of many blackouts, it may be back in just a few hours. If the power goes out because of a disaster, on the other hand, getting a reliable source of electricity may take days. To prepare for the latter of these two instances, equip yourself with a solar generator well in advance of any disaster.

What qualities should a solar generator have? Survival Supply considers the conditions surrounding a disaster, from a lack of all power sources to evacuation. As a result, the solar generators in our store are portable and can provide power from a number of sources: AC and DC power, capturing and storing energy from solar panels, a hand crank, and a windmill. No matter your location and no matter the resources available, you will be able to get an electric current with one of our portable and versatile solar generators.

Although food and water are key resources for survival during a disaster, an electric current may be needed to power a portable stove, electronic device, or portable heater. Preparation in advance is necessary for surviving a disaster, and in addition to stocking up on food and water, include a solar generator in your emergency plan.

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