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Ready Fuel - 120 Count Case
Shipping Weight: 0.01
Minimum order: 1


Enough Fuel to Boil 30 Gallons of water (about a 1 month supply of fuel for 1 person)

The easiest fire you’ll ever light! The ultimate fire solution. For the casual hiker or weekend camper, ReadyFuel helps keep supplies to a minimum.

ReadyFuel is light and easy carry. It can be counted on to start a fire, burn hot, boil water, and cook a meal. When it's finished burning simply blow away. Perfect for Extreme Conditions.

ReadyFuel will surpass the expectations of adventurers, extreme athletes, and wilderness explorers. ReadyFuel can be transported globally by airplane and will burn at high elevations.

ReadyFuel is versatile and ready for any situation from camping to any survival need. ReadyFuel doesn't freeze, evaporate or melt. it is clean, water soluble and orderless.


· Boils water easily

· Odorless (will not contaminate the flavor of your food)

· Does not evaporate, freeze or melt

· Burns at -23˚ F / -30.5˚ C

· Burns up to 10,000 ft

· Water-soluble

· Non-explosive / Non-combustible

· No EPA restrictions

· 30+ Year Shelf Life

· You can even take this on the plane with you

· By-products are only carbon dioxide, water & sand

· Smokeless & Odorless

Does not produce Carbon Monoxide, so this product is safe to use indoors.

Approved by the US Military, ReadyFuel has been thoroughly tested and approved by RDECOM, and favored over the standard FRH by 95% of the soldiers randomly selected from the Combat Medics Course during field training at Camp Bullis, Texas. You know it's tough, versatile, and it works just as hard as they do.


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